Project Timeline

Ohio University (OU) Public Outreach 

Project Timeline

Summer 2010-Fall 2011

• Attend Site Specific Advisory Board  (SSAB) Full Board meetings and
SSAB subcommittee meetings. Present updates on our progress to
SSAB as requested/as appropriate.

Summer-Fall 2010

• Identify and interview persons involved with Portsmouth Gaseous
Diffusion Plant (PORTS) to inform OU outreach efforts.

• Conduct outreach activities at county fairs and other public events in the 4 county 

area around PORTS

- To educate the public on OU’s role and outreach process

- To gather contacts for persons interested in participating in end-state visioning teams that   
  will meet in the fall of 2010. These teams will convene to develop future use/end-state     
  scenarios for PORTS.

• Conduct focus groups to assist in the development of a public opinion survey related to 
  issues/concerns/hopes for the future use of PORTS.

• Develop and pilot test the phone survey.

Fall 2010

• Administer phone survey to residents of the labor market area (4 county region
of Pike, Ross, Scioto, and Jackson Counties) about perceptions/ideas/concerns
of the future use of the site.  

• Develop and administer a separate survey to administer to current employees at
the site.

Winter-Spring 2011

• Convene visioning teams and hold public meetings to develop possible end-state   

  scenarios to be presented to Department of Energy (DOE).

• Continue outreach activities.

Spring of 2011

• Present and discuss end-state scenarios with the general public and submit
scenarios to DOE.

Summer-Fall of 2011

• Submit report of public outreach activities.


• OU will post information and updates on our outreach project.

• The site will gather input from the public on the OU outreach
process and gather ideas for future use of the PORTS site.

Timeline (Downloadable PDF)